Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Changes since the SCAA Expo - Improved direct trade relationships

May 16, 2015

April 9th through the 12th, I attended the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo in Seattle Washington.  It was a great event for me to learn more about the coffee industry, see exhibits from producer countries, roasters, equipment manufacturers, and meet great people.

One of the highlights was meeting representatives from the country of El Salvador, including our friends from Strong Tower.  We have been priviledged to host Gama at our home as he and his family deliver coffee to us.  At the SCAA Expo, afterechanging emails over several years, I finally was able to meet Misael, the man envisions coffee as a means to improve the lives of the orphans he serves.  Last week, we were able to host Gama and his family at our home during his most recent trip, something we always enjoy.

While we have worked closely in the past, I plan on working with Gama and Misael even more over the next three years.  Our goal is to provide you exceptional coffees while also improving the lives of those in growing regions.  We plan on visiting Strong Tower and other Central American sources at least once a year over the next three years so that we can meet the children Strong Tower and others care for, become better acquainted with the growers, and learn more about processing, logistics, and how coffee can help provide a future for the children in the orphanage.    

Look for more news later this Summer.

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