Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Serve Coffee Single Origin Green Coffee Sampler - Green

With this sampler, you will receive at a mix of green Signature Selections from our award winning producers. 

Selections include the following green, unroasted coffees:

Nicaragua's Luis Baladerez 

Coffee Details:

Direct relationship

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Nueva Segovia
Farm: Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada's Finca La Bendicion
Altitude: 1,300 meters
Processing method: Natural
Varietals: Pacamara
Tasting notes: When roasted, Luis gets Blackberry, malic acidity, vanilla, floral, good body, brown sugar, red apple with an intense aftertaste.

Pacamara is an uncommon varietal, the hybrid of the traditional sweet Paca and the giant Maragogype. Luis and Beneficio Las Segovia create a coffee that is sweet, distinct, and flavorful.

We are pleased to be able to offer this coffee from the 2018 first place Cup of Excellence competition winner, 2020 first place Cup of Excellence winner, and the farm of our fiend, Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada.

Kenya LongMiles Ndurutu AA

Coffee Details: 

Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga County, Mount Kenya area (just east of Nyeri)
Farm: Cooperative of small farmers
Altitude: 1,650 - 1,700 meters
Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Processing method: Washed then sun-dried on raised beds for 14 -21 days
Tasting Notes: When roasted, we get bright, balanced, flavorful. Juicy with notes of lime, blackberry and grapefruit.

This coffee is the result of the dream of the Ben Carlson family, a family "passionate about producing amazing coffee and caring for the well-being of the coffee farmers who grow it."  Their Long Miles Coffee Project is helping build a strong coffee sector in some of the poorest countries in the world.  To learn more about LongMiles Kenya as told by Kristy Carlson, click here.

Guatemala's Villatoro Family of Huehuetenango

Coffee Details:

Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Producer: Pedro Villatoro Castillo
Altitude:1,800 meters
Processing method: Fully washed, sun dried
Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon

Tasting notes:  When roasted, expect sweet fruity fragrance with notes of red grape and red apple.

Sixty years ago, Felipe Martinez planted churches in Huehuetenango's San Pedro Necta valley. Today we are pleased to have this is coffee from one of the world's top growing regions available for you.

The Guayabales lots have consistently showcased excellent acidity, a rich hard candy sweetness, and bright fruity through-line.  In 2020, Pedro won third place overall in the Guatemala COE with a Gesha-Caturra.

Green, unroasted coffee beans.  Roast and enjoy! 

Share something special.  Serve Coffee.

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