Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Africa Coffee Sampler - S/I

You will receive two 12 ounce bags of our coffees from the continent where coffee originated, Africa.

Examples include these coffees from our community include: 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural

Coffee Details: 

Country: Ethiopia 
Region: KochereYirgacheffe
Altitude: 1,900 - 2,200 meters 
Processing method: Natural process, raised bed, fruit dried
Tasting notes: Floral and strawberry.

Wild growing and Ethiopian heirloom variety coffees combined with natural processing make for a distinctive, delicious coffee. 

Coffee from this region was featured in the Ethiopian national host pavilion of the SCAA Show in Seattle in 2015 and is a selection of our local roastmaster, Jeff Davis of Brioso Coffee.

Burundi Nkonge Hills Long Miles 

Coffee Details: 

Country: Burundi
Region: Nkonge Hill
Farm: Cooperative of small farmers
Altitude: 2100 meters
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing method: Washed
Tasting Notes: Bright floral flavors. lemon, raspberry, and a cherry blossom finish.  "Chocolate, grape, hazelnut with a syrupy body."

This coffee is the result of the dream of the Ben Carlson family, a family "passionate about producing amazing coffee and caring for the well-being of the coffee farmers who grow it."  Their Long Miles Coffee Project is helping build a strong coffee sector in one of the poorest countries in the world.

10% of the profits will be donated to children's homes and medical clinics in Central America.

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