Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

About Us - Who we are

Who we are

By God's grace, little things can make a big difference. Serve Coffee is a Christian, family-owned business with big goals: serving God and serving others. One way we do this is by serving you coffee, coffee that we hope you find more delicious than what you're drinking now, coffees that can improve the lives and communities that grow what we enjoy.

In this golden age of coffee, when you can find a better selection of coffee in your local grocery store or locate a café easier than ever, why would you choose Serve Coffee?

We have created Serve Coffee so that you can be part of something larger, so that by doing something you do every day you can make a dramatic difference in the lives of others.  

How do we do this?

1.  Quality - Better coffee starts with better ingredients.  We source green coffees from award winning farmers in top growing regions that we benchmark through our sourcing process with importers, roasters, and when possible, the national coffee councils at origin.  The beans are then small batch roasted by local master roasters for you to enjoy.

2.  Community - When possible, we directly source coffees from award winning, ministry minded farmers.  The farmers receive better than fair trade compensation, and the mills import their specialty grade coffees into the United States. These micro-enterprises support missions and orphanages in countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Burundi. Most of our farmers have been selected as finalists in their country's prestigious Cup of Excellence competition for the highest rated coffees for a specific harvest season. We then have local, artisan roasters small batch roast these beans freshly for you.  If there is a top region where we don't have a relationship yet, we feature a favorite from one of our roasters.

3. Impact at origin -  When we asked one of our top producers what we could do to best help his community, he responded, "buy our coffee".  As mentioned above, we pay better than fair trade pricing for quality green coffee to our community of growers.

We also give back 10% of our profits back to medical clinics and orphanages at origin.  While we donate to multiple organizations, one of our favorite way of giving back is to support a clinic in Honduras that receives $25 worth of medicine for every $1 we contribute.  That means for every ounce of roasted coffee you buy, about a $1 of medicine is delivered to the clinic.

Better coffee for you.  Better lives for them.  Change the world one cup at a time.


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