Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Bench-marking quality and pricing

Quality, community, hospitality, and generosity are the principals Serve Coffee is built upon.  Our goal is to serve you coffee, coffee that is better than what you used to drink and that also is better than you local national chain cafe.  

How do we do this? We benchmark our quality and our pricing.


We purposefully source higher quality green coffees then have them small batch roasted by award winning roaster.  

  • Around the Table - Serve Coffee's alternative to cafe coffee

Our goal is to provide you a very drinkable dark and medium roast coffees that are better than what you will find in national chain cafes. We work at origin and with select importers to source green coffees from people or organizations we connect with personally.  We pay better than fair trade pricing so that our farmers are rewarded for their attention to quality.  These sources also are selected for leveraging coffees to serve their communities.  

These coffees typically score between 83 and 85, noticeably higher than the specialty grade of 80 and much higher than many chain coffees.  These coffees are then roasted by artisan roasters here.  

With higher rated beans that are small-batch roasted, we believe you will taste the difference

  • Midwest Specialty Roaster - The best of regional, independent roasters

Midwest Specialty Roasters is a division of Serve Coffee that features the most popular coffees of our best roasters and selections from award winning producers.  Often, these are the same coffees national chains designate a Reserve selections such as our African Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Naturals.  While our menu is more limited, we feature coffees from each of the major growing regions of Africa, Asia, and the Americas, and try to have these coffees regularly available.

We benchmark these coffees against both the best of the national chains and independent cafes and believe they compare very favorably.  In fact, many of our Midwest Specialty Roaster's coffees are the same as other's super-premium coffees. Many of our Midwest Specialty Roaster's coffees are the same as other's super-premium coffees.  For example,  Staurbuck's featured their Reserve Ethipoia Yirgacheffe Kochere at the 2015 SCAA Symposium.  This was the same coffee we had as our Midwest Specialty Roasters African option.

  • MSR Select - Extraordinary selections from our roasters and producers

Major coffee retailers categorize their best, exotic, limited time coffees separate from what is available in cafes. When our producers or roasters feature something outstanding, we designate them as MSR Select.  While others accentuate the roast characteristics, these coffees are roasted to accentuate the flavor or terroir of the specific coffee.  One example is the Ninety Plus Ethiopia Hachira N2 from Brioso Coffee.


What can be better than better coffee?  Better coffee at a better price.  We think of this as a way of extending hospitality to you.

In addition to quality, we also benchmark pricing.  Around The Table Coffees are priced similarly to coffees to serve you better coffee at the same or better price than national cafes.  

We have designed Midwest Specialty Roasters coffees and MSR Select offerings to be accessible as well.

For example, a national chain has an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere as one of it's premium offerings.  An 8 ounce pouch with 2 day shipping costs $30.60.  

MSR currently offers two premium Ethiopian coffees.  

The first is an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere coffee as part of our AAA Regional sampler and is also one of our standard African coffees available in a 12 ounce pouch with express shipping for $19.95.  

We also have as our current MSR Select coffee Ethiopia Hachira N2 from Ninety-Plus. Ninety Plus coffees consistently receive ratings greater than 90 on the 100 point rating system of Coffee Review, and baristas have won numerous national and international competitions with Ninety Plus coffees.  This MSR Select coffee is available in 8 ounce pouches with express shipping included for $28.95.

So, we do benchmark both quality and pricing.  Please let us know how we are doing.

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