Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

FAQ | Serve Coffee

Tell me about Serve Coffee

Thanks for asking!  

By God's grace, little things can make a big difference.  Our goal is to serve God and serve others.  One way we do this is by serving you coffee, coffee that we hope you will find to be better than what you're drinking now, coffee that can improve the lives and communities that grow what we enjoy.

How do we do this?  Quality.  Community.  Impact at origin. 

Everyone says they have good coffee.  What do you mean by quality?

The best tasting foods are made with the finest, freshest ingredients.  Coffee is no different. Delicious coffee starts with the best ingredients - specialty grade coffee and good water.  

First, we try to be very selective in our sourcing. When possible, we get you coffees from producers that have both been selected to compete in their country's Cup of Excellence competitions and also share our vision of giving back to their communities.  Currently, we have relationships with co-ops and award winning producers in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Burundi.  If we don't yet have direct relationships in a top growing region, we work with mills, importers and our roasters to source top coffees for you to enjoy.

Second, we have these carefully sourced beans roasted by the best roasters we can find.  No, we don't roast our own coffee.  We work with local artisan master roasters such as Jeff Davis of Brioso Coffee.  He has over twenty years of roasting experience, a beautiful Giesen roaster, and dedication to pursuing better coffee for his customers.  

Finally, we benchmark our coffees for cupping quality and for price.  We leverage the experience and expertise of as many people as possible to source the best possible coffees for you.   Producers, mills, importers, roasters, and in some instances national labs, can all contribute.  For example, the Honduran Buen Pasteur direct relationship coffee has been cupped by the national lab at IHCAFE, by COE winning exporter Benjamin Paz of Beneficio San Vincente, and also by our roasters. 

So, we supply you award winning producers' ingredients that have been carefully roasted and benchmarked.  You just add water and enjoy what we hope will be a better quality cup of coffee.

What do you mean by community?

We believe that we can accomplish more and that we are better together.

We start with our award winning farmers, mills, national quality labs, and master roasters.  

Others also make it possible to make a difference at origin.  We partner with medical clinics, orphanages, and ministries, working with people we know when possible.  

We also welcome you to join us.  Together, we can change their world, sip by sip, cup by cup.

Describe your coffees?

As a small family owned company, we realize that we can't do everything, so we try to do fewer things as well as possible.  We purposely limit the number of coffees we offer while still giving you a wide variety to choose from.  For example, we regularly offer classic blends such as:

  • Around The Table Dark - The world's largest coffee chain has popularized dark coffee.  This is our clients' favorite coffee and delicious with milk. 
  • Around The Table Breakfast - The nation's second largest coffee chain specializes in a medium blend.  Whether or not you have a pastry with your coffee or not, you will enjoy this drinkable.

We also offer select microlots from award winning produces and top regions.  For example, we try to always have for you:

  • Several of our award winning, direct relationship coffees from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Burundi
  • Top origins Ethiopia, Colombia plus occasionally others like Kenya 
  • Exceptional Decaf and espresso
We try to also offer different varietals and processing types for you.  For example, many of our Central Americans are washed catuai, caturra, or bourbon coffees, and the Ethiopian is a natural processed heirloom. 
  • Green coffee - We didn't initially offer green coffee, but didn't turn down a request from a friend.  They are now one of our largest customers.  This also provides an additional way for us to feature producer partners' coffees.

What are Serve Coffee coffee clubs?

We believe that coffee subscriptions are a great way to buy and give coffee.  You receive coffee within days of it being roasted to enjoy at peak freshness.  If it's a gift, it is something that will be enjoyed everyday for months.  We offer both exotic single origin coffees through Our Roaster's Choice coffee club, a passport to receive the taste adventure of getting the world's best coffees as they come into season.  If you want a familiar favorite, we also have our Americas and Africa clubs so can get what you want delivered regularly.  Yes, you can change your selection at any time.

What do you mean by impact?  How do you give back?

We start by giving back 50% of our profits to organizations helping in coffee growing regions. Currently, for every ounce of roasted coffee purchased, $1 worth of medicine is donated to a medical clinic in Honduras.  We also donate to organizations supporting orphans in out coffee growing areas.

With our direct relationship coffees, we also pay better than fair trade prices for their great coffee.

Can I give Serve Coffee as a gift to someone?

Absolutely!  We think that coffee is a great gift to share.  Why send a card or flowers when the one you are sharing with can enjoy your gift of fresh, delicious coffee every day?  Coffee club memberships are available here

Will you grind my coffee?

One of the freshness factors is time between grinding and brewing.  The sooner your coffee is brewed after grinding, the better.  Even a used blade grinder will be better for you than us grinding it for you days in advance.  Fresher is better.  This applies for both coffee roasting and grinding.  Try it!

If you don't have a grinder, we offer several that our roasters have recommended in our merchandise collection.

Where do I store my coffee?

Store coffee in a cool, dry place.  Any cupboard out of direct sunlight with no exposure to moisture is a great place.  Yes, an air tight container helps, and, no, you do not need to refrigerate or freeze your coffee. 

Is there any caffeine in decaf coffee? 

Very, very little. Decaffeinated coffee ranges from being 99.7-99.9% caffeine free. 

What is your darkest roast?

If you're looking for a delicious dark roast coffee, our Around the Table Dark Roast is our most popular and darkest coffee.  It's a great choice for those of you who like your coffee bold, dark, or with cream or milk. Occasionally, we also have other single origin selections as well.

What's the best device to use for home brewing?

Each brewing device has its own unique traits, and all are easy to master.  A favorite at our home is the French press which makes a nice heavy bodied cup.  If you want a crisp, dynamic cup you will probably like a paper filter pour-over like a Chemex or V60. For the cost of a pod coffee maker, you can buy one of each.  Enjoy!