Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

How we got started

"You do it."

As the children in our family grew up, they dreamed of starting a family business some day.  They also had friends who had moved to places like Honduras and Colombia to serve in medical clinics and children's homes, people who accomplished a lot with very little. Their friends envisioned using coffee from the prime coffee growing regions they lived in to provide regular income rather than rely on charity from others.

We weren't the first with this idea.  We were introduced to a prominent physician who had imported and marketed directly traded coffees to fund his medical missions trips to Latin America. Ultimately, he decided it was easier to write a check.  However, when we discussed whether or not it was a good idea, he commented, "You do it."  

Since that time, we have had the privilege of connecting with ministries and award-winning coffee farmers and have started to import their coffees.  

"Why don't you promote our coffee?"

Directly sourcing coffee is one thing.  Having it expertly roasted is another.  After participating in a local event that featured fifteen top, local roasters, we approached the two that we considered being the best.  To our surprise, the nationally recognized, artisan roasters not only agreed to roast our green coffees, they also both liked our idea of offering clients regular shipments of only the freshest coffee to enjoy at peak flavor and asked if we would be willing to promote their coffees. Because of this request, we started what is now our Roaster's Choice Subscription.

Serving growers.  Serving roasters.  Let us serve you.  

Share something special.  Serve Coffee.