Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Our award winning producers

For us, sourcing coffee is more than buying green coffee.  To get you a better cup of coffee, we try to carefully source coffee based upon our priorities of:

  • Quality - Each of these producers has been selected as finalists for growing some of their country's best coffees.
  • Community - We also try to partner with people we know personally and visit them when possible
  • Impact at origin - We also try to select growers who share our vision of giving back.  Each supports orphanages, clinics, or schools and is dedicated to improving the lives of their workers and those in their communities.  

We are thankful to be able to offer you coffees from award-winning producers from some of the world's top growing regions.  


Arturo Paz came in seventh in this year's competition.  As an agronomist, he also works with other producers in the Santa Barbara area of Honduras.  He introduced us to both Donaldo Dubon and Alejandro Guzman in previous years and also milled our coffees this year..

El Buen Pastor won the 2007 Cup of Excellence competition.  Stanley Yoder, the new administrator, recently gave us a tour of this stunning farm, and we will be featuring Stanley's coffees starting in 2018.  Proceeds from his farm help support a local orphanage.


The Villatoro family has several finalists in this year's competition.  Their farms are in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala and some of my clients' favorites.  They are also strong figures in their churches and communities.


I recently met Luis Alberto Balladerez.  What a privilege to meet this God-fearing man, pastor, and perennial Cup of Excellence participant from the Nueva Segovia area.  He and his staff were incredibly hospitable, and the coffees we cupped together were exceptional.  

El Salvador

Cafe Pacas has been a national finalist in 2005, 2006, and 2010.  Maria Pacas Martinez has recommended coffees for us like a Pacamara Natural our clients have enjoyed.

We hope to be able to find other outstanding growers for you in the future as well.

Better coffee starts with better ingredients.  Enjoy!