Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Explore the World of Coffee. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Shipping included.

Mission Direct Coffee at the Haitian Benefit Auction

September 07, 2015

Each year, the Haiti Benefit Auction raises money to support missions, medical clinics, orphanages, and schools in Haiti.  All auction proceeds go to the many missions in Haiti. In this case, this means all labor and items that are donated.  No commissions are paid.  Board members even pay for their own meals. The proceeds go to organizations that no only serve in the poorest country in this hemisphere, but also are required to give a financial report, meet certain standards, and have shown proper use of funds in the past.  Every dollar raised goes to help in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. 

How does this apply to Mission Direct Coffee?  The Haiti Benefit Auction has helped us to both keep our commitment to serving our clients only the freshest, most delicious coffee possible while also giving back in what we think is a meaningful way.  Many of our new shipments of current harvest coffees and microlots arrive about this time of the year.  If we have any remaining inventory, we have one of our artisan roasters produce a darker roast.  We are able to cycle to the current year crop, and the generous people at the auction enjoy a darker, French type roast popular in Haiti. 

This year, over $700 worth of Mission Direct El Salvador Pacamara Dark auctioned.  While this microlot initially scored 85 - 86, it also was no longer current season.  We were able to both keep our inventory current and to provide the Haiti Benefit Auction direct sourced, fresh artisan roasted coffee to auction.  We hope that those who won their bids enjoy their coffee.  We also are glad to know that $700 will go where it is so desperately needed. 

For more information or to contribute directly, go to  http://ohiohaitiauction.com/ .

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