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Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Beneficio Las Segovias Collaboration Collection

Nicaragua’s Beneficio Las Segovias Luis Alberto Balladerez Collaboration Coffees

As James Hoffman says in his World Atlas of Coffee, “a range of flavours are found in Nicaragua coffees.  They are typically quite complex and capable of pleasing fruit-like flavours and clean acidity.”  He also says, The Nueva Segovia region “is on Nicaragua’s northern border, and in recent years it has begun to distinguish itself for producing some of the very best coffees in the country with a great deal of success in the country’s Cup of Excellence (COE) competiton.”

While this describes the region in general, it also describes Luis’ coffees.

One major importer calls Luis’ coffees some of their most anticipated coffees from Central America each year.  Luis is an award winning coffee producer having placed first, first and sixth in the last three Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competitions.

Processing – Beneficio Las Segovias takes quality control very seriously.  Luis Alberto catalogs every picking he receives and tracks them through the entire milling process.  Because of this attention to detail, Luis produces coffees of exquisite quality.  He separates the micolots, then selects whether they are best suited for washed, honey, or natural processing. They are some of the best green coffees we receive every year from any producer anywhere in the world.

Farms and Varietals –

Finca Un Regalo de Dios (URDD) is the farm Luis calls “A gift from God.”  Over the years, we have received Yellow Catuai washed and Natural, Red Catuai coffees from this COE winning farm.

Finca La Bendicion is COE winning farm we receive coffee from as well.  One of our favorites is the Pacamara grown here, especially the natural and honey processed coffees.  A Red Pacamara Natural from this farm won the COE competition in 2018.

The man and some of his impact

With coffee from Beneficio Las Segoias, the coffee is only part of the story. 

This is the inspiring story of how he acquired Finca Un Regalo de Dios as told by Justin Carabello of Carabello Coffee.

The trip notes from our 2017 visit cupping with Luis at Beneficio Las Segovias can be found here.

Cupping coffees at BLS with Luis

The view from the BLS cupping room

This Alliance for Coffee spotlight introduces Luis, where, as usual, he gives God glory and credit for his Cup of Excellence win in 2018.

More recently, Luis introduced Compassion International to the Ocotal area, specifically a gang influenced neighborhood in his city called Barrio Sandino.  As a pastor of a local church, Luis shared his desire for children there to have the hope of a future that was not dominated by gang activity and violence.  Today, there are 185 children and their families being helped through this Compassion International center.

In other words, Luis exemplifies what we hope for when sourcing coffees: producing exceptional coffees for you while advancing the Kingdom of God in the communities he serves.