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Trip to origin - Honduras | ServeCoffee.com

October 14, 2015

As an extension of our trip to El Salvador to visit our Mission Direct contacts, we also made a road trip to and through Honduras.  While not a peak time such as during coffee harvest and processing, we were able to meet those who provide services in the coffee growing regions - and visit the medical clinic that sparked the idea of Mission Direct years ago.

Life Song for Orphans has a program to adopt an orphanage.  One of the ideas is to personally visit the orphanage at least once.  This was our version of this concept. Because of our coffee contacts, we were able to visit the remote medical clinic in the coffee growing region of Erandique that helped inspire Mission Direct years ago, a children's home, a coffee mill, and a regional office of the Honduras Coffee Institute, IHCAFE.  


We spent a lot of time in this car visiting our ministry and coffee destinations.  If we can make it back, as we hope, it will be in a 4X4.


Some Honduran traffic

and other modes of transportation

The medical clinic near Erandique

A view from the guest house

Another view from near the clinic


Visiting the medical clinic was a highlight of our trip.  We started Mission Direct after a conversation with a young family that was working here and hearing of their idea of using coffee from this area to help support the clinic.  We were able to get samples of some of the locally available coffee to evaluate.  Whether or not we can find suitable coffee and work out logistics to bring it to market, this is the type of project we look for.  The area is capable of producing exceptional coffee and the clinic provides care to hundreds of people per week that otherwise would not have access to care.

IHCAFE, the Honduras Coffee Institute 


If the coffees from Erandique prove viable from a quality and logistics perspective, we would hope to work with IHCAFE for ongoing coffee quality improvement. 

The children's home near Pena Blanca

The children in these homes were given up to be raised in the home.  Some came from the hospital and others were given up malnourished or starving.  Coffee from this area should be able to support this ongoing work.

Great coffee in Pena Blanca

Some scenes from the car...




Soccer above the clouds near the Honduras - El Salvador border

This was a memorable and beautiful road trip.  Honduras has lots of potential as a Mission Direct origin with the ability to provide you with exceptional coffee while also making a difference in lives in coffee growing areas.  At this point, we see no reason not to continue to explore this option. 

For a sample of what is possible, we have Santa Barbara Peaberry available.  We were able to get a limited supply of last year's remaining top green beans. 

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