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Explore the World of Coffee. Shipping: Flat $7.95 rate for green and free for subscriptions. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Giving Tuesday Hurricane Relief opportuniies

December 01, 2020

Here are your updates Giving Tuesday updates from Serve Coffee plus an impact opportunity for Honduras.

What’s worse than a hurricane that drops 13 inches of rain? 

Last month, we detailed how Hurricane Eta had devastated struck Nicaragua then dropped torrential rain in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala before ultimately hitting the U.S.  Hurricane Eta dropped 13 inches of rain in central Honduras.  Then, to make matters much, two weeks later, Hurricane Iota dropped and additional 19 inches of rain.

The lowlands were hit especially hard with areas like San Pedro Sula and it’s airport being under water again.  Roads and bridges were destroyed.

Hurricane Iota damage in Honduras Serve Coffee

Hurricane Iota flooding in Santa Barbara Honduras Serve Coffee

At higher elevations, the additional rains caused mudslides.  Since it’s rainy season there, this is a recurring problem.

So, what can we do?

First of all, thank you for those who contributed to the Onyx Coffee GoFundMe campaign we featured last month.  Good news and an update can be found here.

On Giving Tuesday, if anyone wants to contribute, here are opportunities with people and organizations we know in Honduras.  Last month, we mentioned that we expected for there to be more Matthew 25 opportunities.  Below are a few.

  • Beneficio San Vincente – Benjamin Paz has processed coffee for us for years and hosted us at his mill during visits to Honduras. Besides producing world class coffee, he also is leading this GoFundMe initiative to rebuild in his area that was especially hard hit by the flooding.
  • Honduras Coffee Alliance – This year, we have teamed with Sean Warner and Honduras Coffee Alliance. Look for more information on collaboration coffees like these later.  We also is assisting with humanitarian efforts in Honduras with this campaign.
  • Christian Light Ministries – This organization has lead efforts with the medical clinic we support. They also have been helping families in Pena Blanca recently with hurricane relief.  

Our goal is to connect you with exceptional coffee producers and also give you a chance to make a difference.  Thanks again for what you did in Guatemala and in advance for whatever you can do in Honduras.

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